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We worked hard to bring the most popular flavors in the country into one showroom. The fruit lovers will be surprised, we developed a lighter tasting fruit flavor along with our standard strength. So many have expressed how the lighter tastes are great for all day vaping. You can choose from the most popular beverage flavors that are driving the market today. If you have a sweet tooth you will be happy to know that 70% of our store is right for you.


Fruit vape liquids are the fastest growing segment of vape flavors today. Our fruit flavors provide an incredibly refreshing taste. The clean and crisp flavors can only be created by E liquid. Our goal is to provide safe alternatives to traditional tobacco.

Top Selling Fruit E Liquids

Pineapple • Apple • Strawberry • Blueberry • Orange


Beverages are the newest vape flavors available. The market is just emerging and new beverage flavors are being introduced daily. Our flavors will provide you with the flavor of your favorite drinks but with none of the calories. Our juice will be the refreshing beverage you need.

Top Selling Beverage E Liquids

Cola • Latte • Milkshakes • Sport Drinks • Energy Blends


It’s difficult to not love the candy flavored E liquid. We can provide you with your favorite candy flavors without the risk of gaining any extra pounds. With so many familiar flavors almost every vaping enthusiast will be satisfied.

Top Selling Candy E Liquids

Chocolate • Toffee • Butterscotch • Candy Cane • Fruit Snacks


Any fan of breakfast foods will find our E liquid irresistible. We brought the savory tastes from the diner to E liquids, it will be like breakfast every time you inhale. These nostalgic flavors will remind of all your childhood treats.

Top Selling Breakfast E Liquids

French Toast • Flapjacks • Cinnamon Rolls • Doughnuts • Oatmeal


One of our most popular E liquid flavors will always be desserts. These expertly crafted E liquids provide amazing flavors that will make your mouth water. We want our customers to enjoy every draw on our delicious dessert flavors.

Top Selling Dessert E Liquids

Caramel Pretzel • Passion Fruit • Pudding • Apple Pie • Cookies


We have infused many of our E liquids with tobacco flavor, this will help our customers that are attempting to quit smoking traditional tobacco. Our company believes that vapor is much safer than smoke, tobacco flavored vapor does not combust which significantly reduces carcinogens.

Top Tobacco E Liquids

Tobacco & Coffee • Peppermint Tobacco • Orange Tobacco • Cherry Tobacco • Dark Chocolate Tobacco


Menthol is a preferred flavor of ex tobacco smokers, it will give you the flavor without the carcinogens from the combustion of tobacco. Also, we infused menthol with other flavors to compliment its taste.

Top Menthol E Liquid

Menthol Light • Menthol Peppermint • Menthol Tobacco • Mint Leaf • Menthol Peppermint Cream


Our miscellaneous flavors are a fun variety that will make your taste buds come alive. This category has an assortment of flavors we have pioneered over the years.

Top Miscellaneous E Liquids

Ember Cinnamon • Oro Forrest Mint • Terra Applemelon • Lemon Lime • Cherry Chaser